Fine Fragrance

As Seluz Fragrance & Flavor Company, we are inspired by the most special moments of the life and the human spirit since our establishment; we blend the unprecedented richness of nature with our never-ending passion in our dynamic, innovative and creative world, and continue to bring the most special fragrances and flavors into life.

With our GC-MS supported technology track; we are able to analyze the smell of a flower or plant, a delicious dish, or even a baby's innocent skin, and reform the most wonderful fragrances and flavors in nature. We constantly expand our fragrance and flavor library, creating 4,000 new formulas every year. In our facilities installed with the latest technologies, we produce with the robots supported with high level of automation, enabling us to quickly produce in large quantities and deliver high volume customer needs.

With our working principles, we are glad and proud to have become one of the fastest-growing fragrance and flavor companies globally.

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Fine Fragrance
Nature is our palette...
Diversities are our source of inspiration...

That is why the Seluz jungle which includes many endemic plants in the heart of the R&D Center breathes with us.

We are proud of our building, which was designed with the philosophy of 'getting the most from sunlight‘; we work for a sustainable green future with our ’Waste Control System' which ensure the safe disposal of all chemicals and other wastes and our production process that does not pollute the groundwater.

With our modern environmental standards, we contribute to the recycling system of all kinds of glass, plastic, metal and paper wastes so that we take a responsibility to protect the nature which we owe all.

Fine Fragrance

The creative cornerstones of the fragrance world 'Perfumers’... Creative artists with in-depth training on olfactive technique and aesthetics who can transform abstract concepts into the sense with their unique creations... We think it's our responsibility as Seluz to train fragrance specialists in this country and support in-company training course with Turkey's first and only 'Perfume Academy.'

In the ’Seluz Perfume Academy' project, we provide world class training for 19 passionate Junior perfumers. This team is led by 6 senior perfumers who have in depth global experience; and they are sharing their experience in designing formulas for all product groups.

Considering the fact that there is no other organization that provides training for perfumers in Turkey, we know that we took an important step forward for the development of our industry and we are proud to be a pioneer with this project.

Fine Fragrance

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